About Bru Tribe



The name of the tribe is called Bru. The word Bru comes from the word Brouh, which means humankind in the native language. But it is wrongly known to others and also recognized by the Government of India as the Reang/Riang. Actually, this Reang/Riang is one of the fourteen clans(clan is called panji ni the native language) in the community(The fourteen clans of Bru tribe are- Molsoi, Meska, Msha, Raikchak, Chorkhi, Chongpreing, Toimuiyaphak, Taumayakcho, Apeto, Wairem, Riang/Reang, Nouhkham, Yakstam(this clan got abolished, perhaps due to having no male successor as the tribe is of patriarchal society), and Uchoi(this clan has got Government recognized as a separate tribe in Tripura, even though previously of one tribe but in Mizoram this clan is still recognized as one of the clans of the  Bru tribe). Hench, the right nomenclature of the Tribe is Bru, and not Reang/Riang.



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